Also known as abdominoplasty , tummy tuck procedure is best solution for those ones can not get result from maintaining a well balanced diet or doing regularly exercises. In tummy tuck procedure excessive skin , stretch marks and fat are removed. Tummy tuck also tightens skin and weakened abdominal muscles.

The causes of excessive skin , fat and weakened abdominal muscles can be pregnancy , aging, important fluctuations in weight and genetic factors.

In Clinique Istanbul it is possible have flat and slim waistline tummy thank to expert surgeons and well equipped clinic with latest machines to perform procedure with most innovative techniques.

Speed of recovery is different for each person. However most of our patients return to their daily life in 2 weeks and can back to work out in 4 weeks but with limited exercises.

Flat stomachs make possible to wear anything which is very important for building back up their self confident and a flat stomach will make you feel more attractive. In Clinique Istanbul you can have your tummy tuck with expert surgeons and with best price.


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