Nose job or, rhinoplasty , is one of the mostly carried out facial procedure in Clinique Istanbul and in the world. Nose job procedure take aim at improving appearance, proportion of nose with face and fixing and improving breathing problems.

Beside improving appearance and breathing , nose job procedure is performed as reconstructive treatment to fix a birth defect or traumatic injury , such a broken nose.

Clinique Istanbul well –trained and over 10 years experienced surgeons ensure functionality with a beautifully symmetrical nose for every patient. In nose job procedure it is very important to protect the function of breathing while cater you a natural looking appearance.

During nose job procedure at Clinique Istanbul , your plastic surgeon perform procedure by applying in incisions to access the bones and cartilage . Depending on what kind of shape patients want , plastic surgeon may remove some bones and cartilages or some cartilages taken from your body can be added to able to achieve the shape you desire.

After procedure you need to stay one night in hospital. Next two days you may have bruising and swelling around your eyes. You will have bandages and nasal splints 5 days to 7 days, after one week you can back to your daily life but first month you need to be protective about your nose and you need to avoid using sunglass often first 2 months.

Nose job procedure is simple procedure , first 3 days you may feel uncomfortable rather than feel pain. Your painkiller will be provided by Clinique Istanbul when you are in hospital and after you leave hospital . You will be able to see result mostly after 3 weeks and you will see final result 6 weeks to 12 months.


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