Breast augmentation is a common and best solution breast contouring procedure for women who wish to restore volume in breasts after weight loss, pregnancy or breast feeding and the ones who want bigger and firmer boobs , breast enlargement is best solution.

Clinique Istanbul is one of the most advanced plastic surgery clinics in Turkey offering an extensive variety of breast surgery treatments with latest technology . Plastic surgeons at Cinique specialize in various techniques of breast surgery to achieve the most desired natural looking shape and size. With Clinique Istanbul you can have best natural result with best affordable price.

Once anesthesia has taken effect, you will be ın deep sleeep and your plastic surgeon will make an incision under each breast to create a space within your breast tissues for each breast implant. The breast implants will be placed in the pockets and positioned for ideal look and symmetry.

After comparing both breasts to ensure optimal implant placement, plastic surgeon will close the incisions with dissolvable stitches.

After one night in hospital you ll be discharged next day and after 2 days you will have check up. Recovery take 3-4 weeks. After one month you can back to normal life.


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