Brow lift is a facial surgery performed to provide patients a more youthful appearance.

The procedure is designed to correct drooping brows and fix the angry appearance that drooped eye brows caused. Ageing, gravity , genetic factors can cause brow to droop and this can give older, tired and angry appearance, this appearance generally called as”hood”effect”.

Patients who want have this procedure in Clinique Istanbul generally have problems for example ;deep furrows between brow, heavy upper eyelids, drooping brows, angry and tired looking.

Brow lift is very simple facial procedure performed to correct brows and lift brows to give more natural young looking. Brow lift procedure include lifting brow and tightening the muscles , and remove excess skin and fat.

Brow Lift procedure at Clinique Istanbul is performed under general anesthetic. Your plastic surgeon will reposition the brow by making two small incisions. The procedure take 1 hour to 2 hours. You can back to daily retune in seven days.

With Clinique Istanbul ‘s artistic skilled surgeons you will have benefits of brow lift procedure, ıt will increase your self confidence, make you more youthful and fix asymmetry of brows.


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