Breast lift surgery is make up for effects of gravity, age, pregnancy , breast feeding and fast losing weight , these factors sometimes cause skin losing elasticity which cause skin sagging and reduced firmness . Breast uplift procedure designed to increase firmness and lift breasts and restore a fuller and youthful appearance.

In breast uplift procedure the most important thing is ensure minimal scarring. Clinique Istanbul plastic surgeons have experience of more than 10 years, Clinique Istanbul ensure patients they will have up and firm boobs with minimal scarring.

Breast Lift Procedure

Breast Lift surgery in Clinique Istanbul is performed by removing skin from underneath the breast or from around the areola. The skin and tissue of the breast is then tightened and the nipple is repositioned to a higher area to give , youthful and firm appearance.

After tree weeks you can back to normal life . As one of the most frequently asked question “Can I breastfeed after having Breast Lift Surgery? “ Yes you can breastfeed after having breast uplift procedure.


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