Facelift in Turkey

As part of natural ageing , and stress of daily life, gravity as well , the skin volume of our face and neck can sag and elasticity of skin decrease. Ageing show itself with deep creases , laxity of the jaw line and fat deposits on the neck.

Called as rhytidectomy as well facelift , is best solution for rejuvenation of facial appearance by removing fat and tightening skin and muscles. Facelift in Clinique Istanbul is a popular and certain solution for male and female patients who wants improve facial appearance and prevent ageing.

In Clinique Istanbul you have most talented plastic surgeons who have profound understanding of facial structuares and functions . Our board –certified surgeons have artistic talent to ensure you for a natural symmetry and youthful appearance.

Facelift treatment have many treatments for example eyelid surgery, forehead lift, mid or lower facelift , eyebrow lift . You will decide with your surgeon which is best for you , half facelift (neck and face lift) or total facelift (brow , neck , and face lift).

The facelift procedure is performed by applying incision on temple area , and skin is lifted gently , underlying muscle and connective tissue is repositioned and excessive skin and fat is removed. Procedure can take 2 hours to 4 hours.

You will be required to stay at the hospital one night. You may have swelling and bruising first week. The incisions are generally front of ear and behind the ear , so they are invisible on the face. As most asked question “ Will my face s be changed after the Facelift surgery?” Facelift procedure will not make any change because it is only lifting of skin and removing excessive skin and fat.


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