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Hospital looks very modern and clean, it located in centeral area thats why after and before operation ı had chance to see around. I really appreciate the services of Clinique Istanbul. Communication is very fast , ı could contacted them any time ı need. Thank you all team.
The treatment went very smooth, with no much bruises or any complications. Minimum pain and relatively short recovery period. Thanks so much to Dr. Ilker for that. Though, I still have to wait until my final results, hands down they are offering a great service for a compatible price!
boxer N.J
Hello all , Hurt my nose as a young boxer… took some heavy blows to the nose a few times and my nose has never functioned or looked the same so ı wanted to fix it . I had a good offer with clinic and ı made sure that it will not change me a lot, ı want more straight and still me. Only first 3 days were uncomfortable, rest was ok thank you all
Mohammad zaia
I had hair loosing problem long time ago. But last 5 years were wors ,it was very annoying for me. After ı decided to have hair transplant , ı found Clinique Istanbul and they give me a treatment plan including every detail from treatment process to hotel and transfer. And ı booked my tickets , had my hair done. Even if it has not been one year ı have seen successfully growing result. I want to say thank you to all team, doctor, nurse, driver.
Tom joof
I have want to fix my balding problem ever since i started to lose my hair and i had friends had their operation in Turkey with Clinique Istanbul . My treatment plan included 3500 grefts +PRP treatment. I m happy with my clinic because everyone was very friendly and helpful although ı was very stressed:)
Raj mihi
I had my hair transplant with clinique istanbul a year ago and now ı have my hair just like before very tick. I was very worried about pain but only painful part of operation was anestesia to donor area. When grefts taking process finished, ı was able to watch movie and read book so although long procedure, ı did not feel bored. Only problem was language problem when ı m outside of hospital. Thank you guys.
Tom. M , Ohio
am 50 years old, and have decided to invest something for myself. Everytime I looked into a mirror and told myself “ı need my hair back ” , I started to look into hair transplant online about the pro & con. After a few weeks of research overall I agreed with Clinique istanbul , cause from my research ı decided to come to Clinique istanbul , procedure is only painful first 10 minutes , later ı didnt feel pain. It take long time because ı need 4000 grafts and next day the only thing make me worried when ı woke up ı see blood on my pillow and ı send pictures and ı asked a check up , thankfully everything was fine it wasnt blood, it was injection done during procedure.
Anonymous from London
ı had abdominplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction with Dr Gokhan Haytoglu performed my abdominplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction . He is a really nice, caring, expert surgeon I felt pain but it decreased day by day. He listens every details and give me the shape exacly what ı want. That made me feel comfortable. The hospital is fully equipped, it wasnt a beauty clinic, it was a general hospital. The only thing about hospital ı dint like all channels are turkish,because you spend two days in hospital and it can be boring, and also you need something to make your mind busy because you want to forget pain by making busy your mind. Anyway this is something small. Clinique Istanbularrenged everything for me, they are a really professional helpful and supportive company. So I didnt worry about anything, cause everything was well organized. After ı left hospital ı did not feel lonely , my host and driver take me to shopping and nice areas to see city. From first ı contacted to clinic everyone was very friendly to me and helpful and the most important part my surgeon performed very satisfying job. I can recommend to Clinique istanbul to everyone looking for operation in istanbul.
It has beeen almost 9 months since I received the FUE hair transplant procedure from Clinique Istanbul. The expert Surgeon and their trained technicians made the whole procedure a smooth one and didn’t feel very strong pain while the procedure was going on and not even after the procedure got completed or afterward! It was beyond my expectation that I would have such a result with a head full of hair with almost no pain. First ı had consultation and doctor assessed my hair loss condition and let me know about my donor area condition and hair loss grade, he said that I have a sufficient donor supply to cover my grade IV baldness by the FUE technique because there is a need of around 4100 hair grafts to cover the bald areas. After consultation some pre-procedure checkups were required to get the procedure done effectively such as blood sugar test, BP checkups. Before procedure start , my doctor mark my hairline and make sure that matched with male pattern hairline and look natural. I was scared of pain but there was no pain that ı couldnt handdle it,so far my hair growth shows the quality treatment done by expert doctor and team.
am 4 month post surgical for a butlift in Clinique Istanbull. I am 30 years old. All pre op, labs, chest x-rays, cardiologist were done the day before surgery in proper order. My surgery was very successful and after 2 days post surgery ı could go out and have lunch , coffe .I would suggest you to take more large clothing with you to make you feel more comfortablewhen you move. My experience was great. Dr. Gokhan is absolutely phenomenal! I feel all necessary precautions were taken for my safety during surgery and recovery! I would be glad if my experince help you to decide
Amer , Dubai
I recently had my rhinoplasty done .My surgeon , he is amazing! I love how my nose came out. I wanted my nose to look really natural , my only worry was what if ı didn’t had a natural looking result and also ı was scared if ı would be changed a lot . After 2 weeks post operation ı m so happy cause it just worth to do it . I had exactly what ı wanted . My surgeon truly is an artist. I am so glad I chose him as my surgeon. Everyone at the hospital is wonderful. They always follow up by asking my pictures.
I underwent a nose job surgery . There was a language barrier but there was an interpreter all along. He has done a great job and I am actually happy with the shape of my nose even tho It was for breathing issues I carried out the whole procedure. After Care has been shown to myself and what I should do for the whole healing Clinique is a very professional clinic.
I had a bbl and implant done and it was all fine . I had mostly pain because of liposuction but you get recovery fast everyday you can see difference and you experience less pain. I would highly recommend everyone to get any kind of cosmetic surgery done with Clinique and Dr Gokhan ,for he is the best at his job.
I had been thinking about getting my Hair Transplant done for few years now. However I couldn’t plunge into it due to lack of confidence in any clinic or any doctor. Couple of my friends had got their transplant done by Clinique Istanbul couple of years back and their results were awesome. I thought “now my turn “:) . When I contacted clinic they explained the whole science, process and techniques involved. I booked my operation day on 2nd March . Except needles to give me local anaesthetic I didn’t feel any pain at all. I had FUE method of transplant as I needed around 4000 grafts to get a good coverage as I was Grade V hair loss as doctor had explained to me. The surgery went very smoothly. Now it is almost only 4 months and I can see that is well growing.
i always had problems with nose bleeds until a friend of a friend suggested i get a nose job to fix it. I had always thought i wanted a nose job anyways so i thought it was a great way to kill two birds with one stone. it has been 3 months since my surgery and my nose looks great. I also havent had had a nose bleed since!
Hello, my name is Tina I was treated by Dr.Gokhan From the very first call to the last visit it was exceptional. The knowledge and professionalism is beyond what I expected. Everything that I was told to expect is basically what happened. I went through all the steps he suggested and my recovery has been phenomenal. His staff including nurse , translator make you feel so comfortable and the compassion that they have is exceptional as well. I definitely recommend him to you if you are thinking about doing the very important change in your life. He knows what he’s doing ,he speaks from knowledge and as I am, you would be very happy with the results definitely exceeded my expectations. Make this change , it’s totally worth it!
I had very small bum.Whenever. I try skinny jeans , ı just felt like it didn’t fit me well. I was happy with rest of the shape there was not problem at all. On the beach I do not sunbathe because i am very shy. A friend advised me to contact the Clinique Istanbul of plastic surgery. At first I hesitated to do it out of UK, but then realised many people go to Turkey for their treatments . I mailed to clinic , they just got back to me in couple of hours . They give me treatment plan considering to my pictures. As soon as we agreed on price and treatment details , ı booked my tickets and clinic made my hotel, transfer and hospital reservations. I had my operation the day after arrival . My doctor was master craft. Now I am the owner of rounder and with very nice shape bum!
M. London
I had face lift surgery yesterday. Prior to surgery, doctor saw me and drew a whole lot of markers on my face. I felt really scared and he was very gently and reassuring. The aneasthiatist also saw me and explained what she would be doing and she gave me a sedating shot so I felt much calmer from then on. I woke up in recovery at about 1 – the surgery took 4 hours. My doctor said it takes so long because he works very slowly and carefully. I was bandaged very tightly and felt awful. Once back in my room I had more pain meds and dozed on and off. I was ‘with it’ enough to be able to send texts to friends and family. I had a little soup for dinner……but became very nauseous and vomited around 5 am. Couldn’t face eating anything else – and it hurts to eat for now .
Hello ladies I had my tummy tuck , it has been a week after operation but I feel damn good. I had my doc visit today and I’m actually doing very well. Alot of girls bleed a lot after surgery bit not me. I m ok for now . Thank you all from beginning to now you all have been very helpful and kind.
The treatment that I had take long time, whole day for the entire procedure to be done it was not that bad. The only discomfort part of the procedure was when they were giving me an anesthesia. Over all the experience was very good and i forgot to mention that the facility was very clean and neat. I had a great experience with procedure. The nurses and the doctor was very nice and very professional in what they do.
I highly recommend this clinic. Hospital is very clean and new . All team is very professional, staff is likewise great. You get your money”s worth.
I had a fat transfer in February and the results I got were so much better than I anticipated. It was a very professional service and I have referred a few friends who are also happy with their results. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the clinic, how clean and modern it was. It was also a comfort to know that they were part of the main hospital and not just located in a random remote location
Finally, I got my HT done last week. I wanted to share my experience on this website. After talking to many clinics , I thought of going ahead with clinique istanbul . My clinic advised that my hair loss is spread and can be cured using medicines except the hair line where there are no roots left. I need grafts on this area for sure . I had very good experience. The place was very clean, hygienic and well maintained. Operation started at around 10:00 AM in the morning and completed at around 8-8:30 in the evening. 2500 grafts were implanted using FUE. The complete process was very easy going ı even could sleep. I m on way to go back home, thank you to all. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
After ı had my 3 kids, ı wanted to do something for myself. This was one of the best decisions I’ve had. I had a great Dr. and his staff was amazing. This has been a journey, but well worth it so far. The pain wasn’t half as bad as I expected it to be. It’s very uncomfortable . I could to go to work one week post op.
I was very excited to get my surgery . Dr Haytoglu was AMAZING. He made my dream came true. He answered all my questions and concerns. So I knew what to expect and I wasn’t scared because I knew it was normal. Thank you so much all , you all help me to achive my dream.
I was very satisfied with my surgery and so ı m happy with my surgeon. They are very professional and friendly made me feel at ease during operation . They answered any concerns I had and showed me care and consideration. Thank you so much guys you made me very happy.
The driver picked me up hospital .The assistants were really nice and spoke good English. Doctor drew a nice hairline that needed no correction. Furthermore, I really trusted my doctor has over 10 years experience. The whole operation lasted about 5 hours as we decided to take it easy. We took frequent breaks which was relaxing and enjoyable.
Hair Tranplant FUE
I traveled from New York to Istanbul to have FUE done and thus far I have no complaints. Everyone at Clinique Istanbul was professional and helpful in every regard. As in the US, the procedure was only supervised by the plastic surgeon and performed by surgical techs. Dr was there whenever I had questions. Every aspect of my trip went as smoothly as possible.
I had a liposuction, BBL and my boobs lifted and small silicone put in, by Dr. Gokhan the end of November 2017. Within 4 weeks time, I was amazed with my result, I absolutely love it. Dr. Gokhan did a fantastic job. I have such a natural look, stitches and incision are very neat. Hospitality services and nurses were great. My experience with this company was brilliant. Brilliant ”
I had liposuction with Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Gokhan Haytoglu was very professional and was able to reassure me about the procedure. I am so happy with my result and glad I was referred to him by a friend. I am the sixth person from my friendship group to have had the BBL with Dr. Gokhan who has amazed us every time. Eda who is a part of his team was super friendly and went out of her way to answer every question I had regarding my treatment and aftercare. The nurses at the hospital were so kind and cared for me well. The whole experience and my results with Dr. Gokhan Haytoglu, Eda, and the nurses were simply amazing and exceeded my expectations I would highly recommend them. Thank you guys it wasn’t easy traveling from England to a foreign country for surgery my nerves were all over the place, such a lovely knowledgeable group of professionals. Thank you, I would give you ten gold stars xx
I had a breast lift and argumentation, the reason why I decided to do this is that I had lost a lot of weight and I felt I didn’t have any confidence since. I would recommend anyone to get this done. For me I was not in any pain it was only tightness. I’ve since then gone back to the gym as recovery time is a 2-month mark depending on how well you heal and you have to make sure you eat well during recovery time so your skin can heal quicker, it was so worth it. I found Clinique clinic online and read other reviews the was outstanding and high recommended!! I thought the clinic was fantastic and very accommodating because I went by myself and they were always contactable which makes you feel reassured that they are a phone call away. The clinic was very high standard hygiene!!! When staying in the hospital they always checked in with you making sure your okay and comfortable also checking your blood pressure, I loved the service it couldn’t be any better. I would highly recommend as my experience was more than what I thought I would get!! So thank you guys I had an amazing time also being in Istanbul as you made feel so welcome. ”