Dr. Gökhan Haytoğlu , organized a meeting in Clinique Istanbul with patients , who had obesity surgery . He answered to patients’s questions about about how they can have beautiful and tight body they have dreamed.

Over weight and obesity is very serious health problem , which can lie behind other health problems, and unfortunately everyday the number of obese people is increasing. Dr. Gökhan Haytoğlu , said that ” When patients defeat obesity , it does not matter if they defeat it by their own diet and excerises program, or with a help of nutritionist , or with bariatric surgery (obesity surgery); as last process of healing and as very positive effect on patient’s psychology , can be thought as reward as well , a new body will help to patients to start their new life with much self confident. In this important last process , plastic surgeons who specialized in body shaping play very important role in patients recovery period. “In the meeting patients told their experince about body shaping after obesity surgery norsk casino på nett. Check its sideffects

Dr. Gökhan Haytoğlu explained , ” body shaping operation after bariatric surgery ( obesity surgery) as combine cosmetic surgeries that performed to ones who are not happy with some part of their body.”

Dr. Gökhan Haytoğlu told patients ” The patients, could able to reach their intented weight goals and at least 6 month stay in same weight stable , and if patient does not have any medical condition which creates problem for having operation and anesthesia, and the patients who belive in health life style with rest of their life , can have cosmetic surgery for body shaping.”

Dr. Gökhan Haytoğlu tell operation details to patients in meeting” You will stay 1 night or 2 night in hospital after operation. I advise you to wear body garment the part of body which operated. With simple painkiller pain can be decreased , body garment may be required to wear longer period. All details will be provided by your doctor. The most important thing in these procedures should be considered is scar. To achive maximum result sometimes scars need to be more longer. But all these scars can be hidden, for tummy allmost all under bikini, for legs and arms can be hidden in inner leg and inner arm.

Dr. Gökhan Haytoğlu , answered the questions about combine oprations which help to improve diffrent part of body with combine operations. Dr. Gökhan Haytoğlu told patients” Operations are performed in hospitals , under general anesthesia. Operation duration depends on combine operations will be performed. Between Facelift, breast lift, breast reduction, arm lift, tummy tuck, belly lift, back lift, butlift, and leg lift operations doctor and patient should decide for right combination. And in a few hours patient can have the body they dreamed.”