Moustache and Beard Transplant in Turkey

Moustache and beard are very important part of male face, they symbolize masculinity. A full beard and moustache will let men to do more different styles as well . Moustache and beard transplant is best natural permanent solution.

Beard and moustache transplant procedure is performed with FUE method in Clinique Istanbul. Trauma , some surgeries,
hereditary conditions, immune diseases, ageing and some specific
factors can cause weak growing facial hair. Lack of facial hair can be a reason of less masculine looking.

Beard and moustache transplant procedure in Clinique Istanbul is done with FUE technic which means extracting hair from doner area , back of head , as follicular units one or two hairs at a time and hair grafts are placed at an angle that mimics the existing hair. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and it can take 2 hours to 5 hours depending on balding area. The back of male head is generally enough dense to take enough grafts for more thick looking.

After the Procedure new implanted hairs may begin to fall that’s very normal, after they fall they will start to grow back again. the cells and glands which foster the hairs are firmly in place. In about three months, your beard will begin growing naturally. The transplanted beard and moustache can be shaved and trimmed as your natural facial hair.

Clinique Istanbul will provide you best natural looking treatment to make you feel better. With all inclusive package you don’t need to worry about accommodation or inner transfers. We well come our patients from all over the world.



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